What is YourLocal

YourLocal is a social enterprise that helps locals save money and reduce food surplus with their favorite neighborhood shops and restaurants. By connecting patrons & restaurants through the YourLocal app, restaurants can post their unsold food (up to 70% off) and alert nearby users who want to snag a tasty deal before day’s end. Simply review the deal, buy the meal, and pick it up at the shop before closing.

Why we do it

One third of all food grown globally goes uneaten. In the United States alone, 40% of quality food ends up in the landfill - leading to $160 billion being thrown away along with our unsold eats. This is not just a serious waste of resources, but a major detriment to climate change, being responsible for 8% of our global greenhouse gas emissions.

YourLocal exists to combat this through a simple and empowering solution. Each purchase made through YourLocal creates an opportunity to educate and remind our partners and users of the inherent value in their surplus food. When a YourLocaler buys a meal, they are reminded of the power to vote with their dollar. Each YourLocal offer they buy, immediately supports their community (by buying local) and environment (keeping food out of the landfill) - building momentum towards the next simple act of good.

Making the right decision should be simple. We strive to be that simple solution and are grateful for the thousands of YourLocalers throughout Copenhagen, Denmark and New York, NY who already rely on us for as their source for accessible, delicious, and eco-friendly eats.

Every person makes a difference. Every purchase matters. We hope you join us in this global fight...see you on YourLocal soon!

Our story

YourLocal began as a group text-message in Copenhagen, started by two good friends, Sebastian and Kasper. The idea was to connect local shops and consumers in the fight against food waste. Every time a shop had too much, the group text was set in action, and friends and family received a good offer of steeply discounted, surplus food. It rapidly gained traction and became a success in 2015 - making YourLocal the first app to help small businesses and supermarkets fight food waste in Denmark.

The defining moment: In the early days, right after Sebastian sent a text to alert his small group about a special offer on fish, he received a swift call from the fishmonger. “Come down to the store now. You’ll never believe it!” he told Sebastian. Sebastian hustled downtown to find a line of people wrapped around the corner of the street. The fishmonger sold out completely! It was at this moment, that Kasper and Sebastian decided to create an app and take YourLocal to the next level.


Kasper Kastoft

Sebastian Dueholm